Miller Enhances LiveArc

Miller Enhances LiveArc™ Welding Performance System with New Features to Further Improve Training Results

APPLETON, Wis. (February 12, 2015) — Miller has enhanced its LiveArc™ reality-based training system with features designed to further advance students’ welding skills — quickly and efficiently. The LiveArc system includes advanced motion-tracking technology that provides students with immediate feedback to help them advance their welding skills.

The LiveArc system is now available with a welding positioning arm for training in out-of-position applications. With this new option, instructors can expand assignments beyond flat/horizontal welding parameters, empowering students to master more advanced welding skills, first in simulation mode and then with a live arc.

The SmartGun featured with the system now includes additional LEDs for better sensing ability, as well as a more robust design for extreme industrial applications.

Miller has also made free software upgrades available to augment the instruction interface and provides separate PC software that allows instructors to review student performance, add assignments and make changes to existing assignments.

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