A-Tech Automotive Technology

ATech Training, Inc. was founded in 1984 by individuals who were interested in the quality of automotive training programs in the United States. They believed they could make a difference by developing products which would aid instructors in implementing a hands-on approach to teaching and learning the skills of automotive diagnosis and repair.
Fred Hines joined the company in 1986 as V.P. of Research and Development then went on to become the sole owner in 1997. From that point, he and CEO Laura Lyons, provided the vision and direction of the company. With that vision, ATech has become a leader in the design and development of world-class trainers and courseware for the Automotive OEM, Secondary Education, Community College, Military and Technical School markets.
In January 2005, ATech became the only training equipment designer/manufacturer in the world to be Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE™) certified by the Automotive Service Association (ASE™). The certification process is lengthy and requires extensive self-evaluation with substantive documentation. In January 2011, Laura Lyons became President of ATech Training. ATech Training, Inc. is a privately held corporation that is funded, in total, by the sale of its Trainers and Demonstrators throughout the world.
ATech also promotes excellence in automotive education through its support of and work with many other organizations, including but not limited to: ASE, NATEF, CASE, ICAR, IATN, NACAT, SCNACAT, VANACAT, CAT, SCRTTC, ASA, and many others. ATMC & CASE The Automotive Training Managers Council (ATMC) is dedicated to the advancement of training and professional development within the automotive service industry. ATMC evaluates and accredits training providers for Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE).
ATech’s Mission Statement: To provide instructional equipment and materials to enhance and improve automotive technical education. Commitment To Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE) Mission Statement: ATech is committed to providing continuous improvement of Automotive Technical Education. The commitment is exemplified by conducting technical workshops for automotive technology instructors. Skills are maintained using the most effective learning tools, styles, techniques, and resources.
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