Our goal is to use modern and advanced EDIBON Teaching Technics in order for engineers and technicians to learn an EASIER WAY than any other instructive method for all engineering disciplines. Totally customer and industry oriented, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
About 98% of our production is exported to more than 150 countries to:
Higher Education Centers Technical Education Centers Vocational Training Centers Companies Training Centers
All the units, electronic interfaces, software, manuals, etc., TOTALLY DESIGNED BY EDIBON ENGINEERS.
Units: More than 3,000 different units in 14 technical educational areas. Electronic interfaces: More than 1,000 different interfaces using EDIBON own controllers. Software: More than 4,000 packages based on LABVIEW. Manuals: Totally written by our Engineers. Languages: Software and manual can be provided in any of all 3,000 languages used in the world.


The video below is a great example of teaching SCADA with the Notorious Stirling Motor: